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AML Integration with Phone System Integration with Phone System

Need Integration with phone system? Integration with Phone System

Watch the Video below to see just how easy it is to Integrate your with your phone system!

When it comes to Integration with phone systems, we get “I.T. Done”. Helping your sales and customer service professionals to be more productive is absolutely critical today.

Integrating your phone system with your, you will increase your sales effectiveness, support productivity and make everyone who touches (from customers, prospects, management, sales and support staff) much happier.

  • Click–to-Dial – Start a call from within anytime a phone number is available. Click-to-dial saves 15-30 seconds and “fat finger” mistakes are eliminated. Less time dialing and means more time focused on core functions.
  • Inbound Screen Pops – Inbound screen pops provide instant visibility of who is calling. Relevant contact information is displayed before the call is answered.
  • Automatic Note Taking – Post a call note when you click–to-dial.
  • Real Time Analytics – Measure representative and campaign success. Understand call quality, not just quantity.

Improving your customer satisfaction is often tied to their experience they have with your sales and customer service professionals on the phone. When you integrate with your telephone system you can make sure your are capturing every customer interaction and have the documentation when and how long each call lasted, automatically entered into Having this information at your fingertips helps improve your customer’s experience, as well as give your sales and customer service managers and supervisors the information they need to better manage their teams. After all, differentiation today most often is based on your people’s knowledge of each customer’s specific history with your organization.

The combination of data from and the phone system gives management a never before available view of critical business metrics. Users can create dashboards to serve as an early indicator of sales, service or operational performance. “That which gets measured improves.”

Once the phone system and are linked, recording the interaction in the system will be a natural part of making the call, rather than an afterthought. Adoption will increase enterprise wide. Close more deals. Increase customer satisfaction and give management better data to make better decisions.

Watch how the Desktop Suite gets the job done!