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Software Based Communications Server

 Univerge 3C: A Software Based Communications Server Solution

Univerge 3C

UNIVERGE 3C for Medium Business/Small Enterprise is a complete, unified communications software based communications server solution designed specifically to meet the needs of medium size businesses and small enterprises looking for productivity-enhancing, user-centric applications to effectively compete in today’s marketplace.

A complete, software-based communications server solution designed to seamlessly integrate and reside within the application environment of any business.

Univerge 3C functions as a communications server, it integrates communication channels with business processes, and it supports unified communications applications.

Univerge 3C is unique because as a software-based solution, it can run on any underlying network infrastructure.

This provides a high degree of flexibility and choices. Univerge 3C offers:

  • A wide range of certified IP client devices, enabling end users multiple options to adapt to business needs
  • An integrated communications desktop for multiple forms of communication including voice, video, text messaging and SMS
  • Cost savings since proprietary, dedicated voice switches are NOT required
  • Analog, SIP, T1 or PRI trunking support Virtualization support (Hyper-V & VMWare)
  • Univerge 3C delivers unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability in an open-system solution.