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Crucial Steps in Implementing a Unified Communications Cultural Shift

The advent of unified communications (UC) technology has transformed the business    landscape for companies that successfully adopt and use it. These days, email, instant messaging, and social media combined with the myriad types of mobile devices can work together to create an incredibly versatile and productive work environment. But this environment, known as unified communications, […]

What factors indicate you might need Managed IT Services?

You’ve probably come across the term(s) “managed services” or “managed IT services”. This article is to simply answer two questions: What is it? Do we need it? What is it? Wikipedia defines “Managed Services” as follows: Managed services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations […]

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) to the Rescue During Recent Winter Storms

  Winter Storms have been spreading a swath of heavy snow across the American Midwest and ushering in dangerously cold temperatures throughout the United States. Earlier this month, there were more than 100,000 people across six states without electricity, with temperatures continuing to fall. Flights were canceled nationwide, and many people had no choice but to stay indoors. […]

The Smart Enterprise in 2014

With the start of the new calendar year and businesses making plans to find new software and technology solutions for employees, now seems to be the perfect time to share the trends and technologies that we believe will drive productivity and build more flexible work environments for our customers in the coming year. Many IT and […]

10 Key Capabilities of Contact Centers in Higher Education

We’ve all been that frustrated caller on hold waiting to speak to a “real” person who can address our concerns. While waiting, you’ve probably thought of all the ways your experience could be improved if they would just answer the one or two quick questions you wish to ask. While you can’t get any of […]

Contact Centers in Higher Education

Traditional contact centers: you know, the ones where rows of agents wearing headsets process large volumes of calls? While they’re extremely functional in certain venues, they do not have much of a place in Higher Education. Higher Education is a channel where contact center technology should be used to improve the student experience, streamline administrative […]

Virtualized Software Based Communications

For years everyone has talked about voice as an application and the possibility of running voice communications in a virtualized environment. The age of Virtualized software based communications is now here. Virtualization continues to be a leading trend in IT, so long gone are the days when unsupported hypervisor technology prevented real-time applications such as […]

What is Managed IT Services? And how much does it cost?

The concept behind Managed IT Services is to proactively take care of your IT infrastructure to monitor, manage and prevent IT problems before they happen.  IT Managed Services  saves your business from ongoing IT problems by proactively taking care of your network infrastructure.  Ideally with the right setup and proper planning 95% + of IT […]

How to select a Managed IT Services Provider

Whether it’s your first time making the switch to managed IT service, or you’re frustrated with your current vendor, there are several questions to consider before making a commitment to any managed services provider. Reputation Choosing a company to handle your managed IT services requires the same thought and consideration you put into every aspect […]

Voice and Data Carrier Services in Atlanta

There are literally hundreds of companies offering voice (telephone lines) and data bandwidth (internet access speeds). The companies range from global/multi-national carriers, national and regional carriers. All of these companies have numerous “packages” to attract potential new customers. AND, the “packages” are constantly changing! So where/who do you get expert objective advice on the best […]