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AML CommunicationsUC Desktop: Mobile Presence

UC Desktop: Mobile Presence

Stay Connected & Productive while on the Go with Mobile Presence!

Mobile Presence, using the NEC UC Desktop Suite, keeps everyone connected and up-to-date on everyone’s status, whether in the office or out of the office.

In today’s world we are all “mobile” and making sure all of us know who is available for that very important call from a very important customer or prospect can be the difference between winning the deal and losing the deal!

Through just about any mobile device, the UC Desktop Suite enables you to access and change your status, search for contacts by name and view their “presence” status to immediately know if they are available and simply click to place a call – providing quick access to the people you need to reach.

UC Desktop Client enables users to determine the real-time status and availability of their co-workers instantly. By eliminating “phone tag” and call-backs, presence improves employee collaboration which results in increased productivity and efficiency.

You can easily set and/or change your status by simply clicking on the presence icon in the toolbar – the drop down menu appears and you just click on the appropriate status.

With UC Desktop Client’s integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, presence status changes can be scheduled to occur automatically by using the Outlook calendar schedule.