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Virtualized software delivers a streamlined Internet-style experience for business users to more effectively collaborate

Virtualized software delivers a streamlined Internet-style experience for business users to more effectively collaborate

Tokyo, March 14, 2012 – NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the latest generation of its Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) software, UNIVERGE 3C™.

Univerge 3C

UNIVERGE 3C delivers essential UC&C tools to business users for virtually any device while maintaining a consistent user experience. The software services adapt to a wide variety of business roles, from sales and support, to internal workgroups providing increased efficiencies and greater workforce productivity. UNIVERGE 3C integrates a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework for web-oriented delivery of UC&C tools, enabling enterprises to utilize existing enterprise web and security infrastructure. Personal devices can also be used in conjunction with enterprise security credentials – securing enterprise information and supporting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market trend.

Designed for data centers and cloud environments, UNIVERGE 3C aligns with enterprise Information Technology (IT) strategies to virtualize all of their business collaboration services. The software enables tailored collaboration for a wide range of business roles using a services-oriented and standards-based approach. Features are enabled through simple software-based licensing that allows businesses to quickly expand services as needed.

“Enterprises are looking to their IT organizations for improved workforce productivity and ways to enable the business to be more agile and competitive,” said Taichiro Hashizawa, Vice President and Executive General Manager, NEC Corporation. “UNIVERGE 3C is aligned to enable IT to achieve these goals.”

Leveraging Commodity Infrastructure, Empowering the Mobile Workforce
UNIVERGE 3C takes the importance of broadband connectivity, virtualized data centers, and the commercialization of rich multimedia devices such as smartphones and tablets into consideration. IDC predicts that by 2015 mobile workers will reach 1.3 billion people, representing 37.2% of the total workforce*.

UNIVERGE 3C optimizes workforce productivity by offering rich clients for smartphones, tablets, and desktops – all with a consistent user experience; single sign-on using enterprise credentials and delivery using enterprise security methods. Employees can easily connect from any location, on virtually any device and initiate collaboration with colleagues, customers or partners.

“Our approach is closely aligned with the work-styles of the new generation of highly mobile, Internet-savvy workforce,” added Hashizawa.

Common Software, Multiple Business Use Cases
Ultimately, enterprises are focused on servicing their customers. Communications and collaboration infrastructure can enhance user productivity, thereby increasing overall efficiency and improving profit. UNIVERGE 3C’s collaboration services software is designed to apply to a wide range of professional areas, enabling enterprises to utilize a common software infrastructure across different parts of their organizations – gaining greater efficiencies from their IT investment.

UNIVERGE 3C easily adapts to a wide variety of business roles:
• Sales organizations can easily schedule or establish ad-hoc collaboration sessions to engage prospective clients.
• Marketing can arrange webinars in order to reach a broader market and to poll attendees on their specific interests.
• Internal workgroups can arrange virtual meetings to share and exchange information in real-time.
• Support organizations can invoke remote control or co-browsing sessions with customers to enhance customer resolution and the support experience.

All users can selectively utilize audio, video, screen sharing, document presentation, file sharing, remote control, co-browsing, voting/polling, and more in a rich and engaging user experience that promotes collaboration with its simplicity.

Business Tailored Solutions
UNIVERGE 3C is designed as services-oriented software that can be uniquely tailored to the needs of a business. Using its integration into vertical business applications, such as healthcare and hospitality, the gap between systems, devices (such as patient monitors or room phones) and staff disappears, as interpersonal communication becomes an integral part of business workflows

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